Alberta ELKS Foundation Projects

Probably the most visible aspect of our activity is the community service undertaken by our Lodges. The Alberta Elks Foundation was formed in 1971 to act as the charitable body to assist member lodges in their service to Alberta communities and supporting children in need.

We regularly assist sick, needy and underprivileged children; sponsor youth sports and youth service organisations; we equip playgrounds, parks and community centres.

We aid senior citizens, provide equipment for hospitals, and furnish hospital wards. We have undertaken a wide variety of projects designed to meet the many needs of our communities and continue to explore new avenues for reaching out to others.


The Alberta Elks Foundation made a significant commitment to the work of the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR) by becoming the founding donor in 1986. Since then, the Elks and Royal Purple have donated over $1.8 million in support of ISTAR's work with children who struggle with stuttering.
In order to ensure the continuation of ISTAR's important work, the Alberta Elks Foundation has embarked on a major campaign to build a $1.5 million ISTAR Fund for the Future. This campaign will create a legacy, providing a permanent endowment to support ISTAR's clinical program and offices. Complimenting our support of ISTAR we are developing a scholarship fund to assist students in the field of speech pathology . It will be known as the Dr. Einer Boberg / Alberta Elks Foundation Scholarship.
With no known cause, stuttering is a serious speech disorder that remains a medical mystery. Affecting one in one hundred people, stuttering can have debilitating effects on the social, emotional and educational development of children, teens, and adults.

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Stuttering hurts, but ISTAR can help! With the Alberta Elks Foundation as the founding donors, ISTAR, the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research, was established in 1986 as one of just a few centres in the world that is solely devoted to treatment, research and education in the area of stuttering.

To date, the Elks and Royal Purple have invested over $1.8 million in support of ISTAR's meaningful work, with a focus on helping children learn to speak clearly and with confidence.
Before I came to ISTAR my talking was very fast and I kept saying the same thing over again. Now my talking is nice and smooth. I feel great all the way up to Heaven."
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In 2000 the Elks and Royal Purple of Alberta were looking for something to stimulate the lodges and become more involved in the communities. The idea of the collection of pull-tabs from pop cans was submitted and the Tabs for Tots program was born. The program consists of the collection of the pull-tabs from beverage cans and other sources. They are sold to the scrap metal industry and turned into cash. This cash is then used to assist local hospitals and health units to purchase specialized pieces of equipment they cannot acquire otherwise. The equipment purchased is used in hospital delivery rooms, pediatric wards and pediatric ICU units.
Along with the Tabs, the Alberta Elks Foundation also accepts donations for the program, which is used to purchase this equipment. Since its inception in 2000 the Tabs for Tots program have collected over $40,000.00 in sales of tabs and donations; placing over $38,000 worth of equipment into various communities.
Some of the items are: Bear Hugger Unit for treatment of shock trauma
Electric Baby Scales
Paediatric Resuscitation Unit 
Specialised paediatric wheel chair
Paediatric Crash carts
These are only a few items purchased to date, meanwhile our Tabs for Tots program continues to collect tabs and turn them into cash and then into equipment.


Tabs for Tots Brochure